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Company History

Company name    MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE Inc. "Future Bioscience Laboratory (Co., Ltd.)" (formerly Shinkowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

【Japanese Notation】

Mirai Labo Bayi Orsons Co., Ltd.

【English Note】


【Chinese Table Notes】

Future Bioscience Laboratory (Co., Ltd.)

Established in 1977

Capital     20 million yen

Headquarters address   2-30-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Kanagawa branch, 2-13-22, East Coast South, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa-ken Prefecture

Kobe Branch    7th Floor, Kobe Kimec Center Building, 1-5-2, Minamicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Headquarters research facility   Nihonbashi Research Institute Life Science Research Office

       2-3-11 Nihonbashimotocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Development path

2015 April

Shinhwa Trading Co., Ltd. began to sell health foods containing NMN.

December 2015

Shin Shinwa Trading Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Shin Shinwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2017 January

In the National University Corporation Hiroshima University Graduate School of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Health Sciences, the world's first clinical research on NMN absorption's effect and the principle of action (24 weeks) was carried out in various aspects.

November 2018

Jointly conduct research projects with specific non-profit corporation biological research institutions to clarify the principles of NMN molecular biology.

2019 April

Oriental Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. inherited the NMN research and all businesses of Shin Shinwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and officially changed its name to Shin Shinwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

July 2019

The joint veterinary department of Yamaguchi University (Professor Toru Kimura: Lecture on Biomechanics, Laboratory Animal Science) carried out the "Longevity and Anti-aging Effects of Dogs after Taking NMN: Confirmation of the effects of activation of longevity genes on blood components and intestinal flora improvement effects." 

July 2019

The company's research facility, the Life Science Research Laboratory, was established in Nihonbashi, 2-3-11, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (the first basement floor in the Nihombashi Life Science Building).

November 2019

Obtained the right to jointly apply for a patent with Professor Taiki Setoyama and Professor Dongtian Kang of the Kyushu University of Kyushu University on the research of "the discovery of the effect of β-NMN to enhance the effect of coenzyme Q in the body."

December 2019

Signed a material donation agreement (MDA) for NMN products with Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri)

February 2020

Joint research with the National University Corporation Hiroshima University Graduate School of Integrated Life Sciences (Professor Shimada Masayuki) on "Exploring the effects of NMN on sperm function and fertilization efficiency."

April 2020

Xinxinghe Pharmaceutical NMN strengthens immunity.

COVID-19 (new coronavirus), etc.

Has begun to study the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases

September 2020

In cooperation with the General Corporate Corporation Productive Aging Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as IRPA), the Kobe branch was opened on the 7th floor of the Kobe Kimec Center Building, 1-5-2, Minamicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

October 2020

Develop and deepen the research of pet animals on NMN

Started joint research with Yamaguchi University, a national university corporation

 January 2021

Shinwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was changed its company name  from Shinwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE Inc. (Future Bioscience Laboratory Co., Ltd.)

May 2021

Mirae Bioscience Laboratory Co., Ltd. (formerly Xinxingwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) officially became a member of the Japan Anti-Aging Alliance (JAPA).

Company Profile

The main business scope of MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE Inc. (formerly Xinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) includes biotechnology research, the development, production, and sales of nutritional ingredients (health foods and cosmetics), production, and sales of pharmaceuticals, and the production and sales of medical equipment and materials. Management consulting, import and export business, currently mainly engaged in the development, production, and sales of NMN products, has a complete biological fermentation technology and system.

Operating products

The NMN products produced by MIRAI LAB are sold worldwide, and it is a world-renowned NMN production and research enterprise. Its NMN health food can be divided into PURE series, compound series, and pet NMN food and cosmetic series. Its main products are NMN PURE VIP 9000, NMN PURE PREMIUM 6000, NMN PURE 3000, NMN 600+TRIPEPTIDE, NMN 600+ISOFLAVONE, etc.

Company culture

MIRAI LAB has always adhered to the perseverance of ingenuity. While helping humans realize their anti-aging vision, it has always adhered to the principle of harmony and far-reaching and has always maintained harmony with nature. It has passed the Japanese JFRL safety test, domestic SGS test, GRAS concentration Detection, etc.

Japan Food Analysis Center

●Acute toxicity test-no abnormalities or death cases (mice)

●Reverse mutation test one negative (none)

●One-time skin irritation test-no irritation detected.

●Eyeball irritation experiment—no irritation detected

Acute oral toxicity test result: non-toxic grade

Heavy metal and microbiological testing: qualified

ND=Not detected

The NMN produced by MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE Inc. (formerly Xinxinghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) is a high-purity, high-stability NMN. The above experiments on safety testing have been implemented and will continue to confirm safety in the future.

MIRAI LAB consultant team-IRPA

●General corporate legal person Productive·Aging research institution, its full English name is Institute of Research on Productive Aging, and its acronym is abbreviated as lRPA. Productive Aging refers to “the people, especially the elderly, can maintain a healthy state both mentally and physically, regardless of both personal life or social contribution and can be developed constructively." The organization aims to achieve this.

●IRPA clarifies the mechanism of aging and lifespan at the cell, tissue, and personal level and promotes scientific research. At the same time, it clarifies the causes of various related diseases that accompany aging from the framework of aging and lifespan and develops anti-inflammatory drugs based on these scientific foundations. The methods of aging and the methods that can be implemented in society, we are committed to extending the lifespan of human beings worldwide, solving the problems of an aging society, and contributing to human health and happiness.


Professor Shinichiro Imai, Emerging and Medical Consultant/Doctor

                                      Kobe Medical Industry City Promotion Organization

                                      Special Director of Research Department of Aging Institute, Advanced Medical Research Center

                                      Anti-aging chemical drugs, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA

                                      Expert and professor

1989 Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine and obtained a doctor's license

1995 Graduated from the Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University, and won the title of Doctor of Medicine

1993-1997 Assistant, Department of Microbiology, Keio University School of Medicine

1997-2001 Entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M Department of Biology (Leonard guarantee laboratory)

Nabeshima Yoichi Xinxinghe Medical Consultant/Doctor

                                       Senior Medical Officer of Kobe Medical Industry City Promotion Organization

                                       President of Therapeutic Research Center

Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University, Special Appointment Member of Center for Research and Development of Science and Technology Promotion Organization (ST/CRDS) Yoichi Nabeshima


1987 Asahi Academic Award

1998 Baltz Prize (co-winning)

2005 Uehara Award

2007 Takeda Medical Award

2009 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology commends Science and Technology Award "Research Department."

2009 Okamoto International Award

2010 The Emperor awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal

2013 Celebrity Award of the Japanese Society of Endocrinology

2013 Japan Academy Award

2015 Mochita Memorial Academic Award

Takashi Hiramatsu Emerging and Science Advisor/PhD

The executive director of the Kobe Medical Industry City Promotion Organization, a public welfare foundation, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Osaka University and completed his doctorate in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo. After graduation, he joined the Green Cross Company (at the time). Later, after doing postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley, and returning to China, he worked in the Sumitomo Chemical Life Engineering Research Institute and the Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Research Department of Japan. In 2013, he joined the Advanced Medical Innovation Foundation (now the Kobe Medical Industry Urban Development Organization).

●Kobe Medical Industry City Promotion Organization Organization Promotion Center

●Administrative person in charge of cooperation and commercialization promotion group

●Director of Industry-University Collaboration Research, Advanced Medical Research Center

●Program Officer (Po) of CiCLE Program of Japan Medical Research and Development Organization (AMED)

●General corporate legal person Productive, Aging Agency (RPA) director

●Doctor of Agriculture

Hiraki Kitano Emerging and Research Partner/PhD

●Specific public interest activity legal person System Biology Research Institute (SBl)

●General Manager of Sony Corporation

●Head of Artificial Intelligence Collaboration, Sony Corporation

●Chairman, CEO, and General Manager of Sony Computer Science Laboratory Research Institute

●President of the non-profit organization System Biology Research Institute

●Chairman of Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Network

●Chairman of the Cabinet's Artificial Intelligence Steering Committee, Non-Executive Director, Sony Global Education Corporation

● Outside Director of Cinnamon

●Special Honorary Professor of the Australian Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Monash University

●Part-time professor at the Graduate School of Okinawa University of Science and Technology.

●Visiting Director, Department of Systems Biology, Japan Cancer Institute

●Member of the Cabinet Office Artificial Intelligence Strategy Executive Committee

● Consultant of TRENDE Company

● Founding Chairman of The RoboCup Federation International Committee

● Researcher of Koozyt Company

●Member of the Japanese Committee of The RoboCup Federation


1993 lJCA Computer and Thought Award (International Artificial Intelligence Conference)

1996 JDA Design Award (Japan Commercial Space Design Association)

2000 Electronic Arts Award (Electronic Arts Center)

2001 Japan Cultural Design Award (Japanese Cultural Design Forum)

2001 Good Design Award (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Agency)

2009 Nature Tutor Young and Middle-aged Excellence Award (Nature Publishing Group)

The research in the field of anti-aging has achieved unprecedented development after entering the 21st century. In 2015, Shinichiro Imai’s laboratory at the University of Washington independently discovered that the oral intake of the NAD+ precursor substance NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), which naturally exists in the body with a small molecular weight, can effectively increase the NAD+ content in the cell. The ATP (energy molecule synthesized by linear three-dimensional cells) in old animals is restored to the level of young animals.